Hurricane Sandy

It’s difficult to summarize all that has happened to New York City and the larger Tri-State area in a single post, but needless to say Sandy was one of the most devastating events to have hit the city since we have lived here, and maybe ever for that matter. But the resilience and general sense of community that came with it was also one of the greatest things we may ever see in our lifetime.

There were remarkable people and programs that kicked into gear to help those displaced by the storm. We saw firsthand the devastation in near-by Red Hook as people waited in lines for food and businesses purged water along with everything Sandy destroyed onto sidewalks. But we also saw lines of volunteers equally long to help carry food to seniors or to be handed a shovel to remove debris from basements. The amount of clothes, blankets and food being donated piled so high they eventually began turning donations away.

We consider ourselves very lucky as we had virtually no damage from the storm, minus a little water in the basement. The nearby Gowanus Canal flooded over its banks and came within a block of our home.