Grave site

The New York Times had a great piece this morning on a possible grave site that could contain the remains of 256 soldiers from the First Maryland Regiment, which saved Washington’s army during the Battle of Brooklyn on Aug. 27, 1776. Many argue that without their heroic efforts, Washington’s army would have been forced to surrender. They believe the site could be 2 blocks from our house which got me thinking…I wonder what’s under this house?

And while we’re on the subject of grave sites, this weekend’s demo found at least 20 perfectly preserved mouse carcasses inside the walls we took down. Each was found sitting on the cross supports between almost every 2×4.

We developed two theories as to how they got there. 1) They simply fell from above and couldn’t get out or 2) upon dying they were dragged and pushed into the hole from above. I happen to believe theory #2 because almost every cross beam had one of these guys. Seems like a lot of mistakes for this many to fall into there. If any of them are still alive, Sylvester is going to have a field day once we inhabit the second floor.