And so it begins…

Right after closing, we headed over to the house with a hammer to see what we could unearth. Husband was quick to pull up carpet layer No. 1 on the second floor to reveal… carpet layer No. 2! And that one is pretty glued down and will need more than a hammer to pull up. He did spot what appeared to be subfloor at one point, which was a big disappointment, as we were really hoping for something close to the original 1865 hardwood underneath. Especially because the floors are pretty nice on the first level, which will be the rental unit.

In the hallway, he pulled off a random medallion glued to the wall and spotted… weird wallpaper! And glue. In what will eventually be our living room, he hammered a hole in the wall of what we thought would be the old chimney and lead to exposed brick. But… it was just another layer of random wall. What is under there?! I’m still holding out hope for brick.

After about an hour of wandering around in a daze (closing is such an overwhelming jumble of signing your name 120 times and writing millions of checks), we decided to call it a day. We’ll need lots more than just a hammer to really get this job started. We have really started an epic project here. It has now fully sunk in.

The curvy staircase (above) is one of the only original details in this old house that remains. We’re hoping to discover a lot more as we embark on this renovation. And if not, that’s what Build It Green Gowanus is for!