Quality beer

One of the downsides of the new neighborhood is a lack of good beer. But all of that changed when I stumbled into my local bodega on 4th and 11th today, which up until recently was going through a mid-life crisis. Before there were lots of items like male enhancement pills, cereal (gross), a random dusty hookah and warm beer sitting on the floor. But what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a massive fridge with plenty of beer! And the selection is top notch. I even spotted some Ayinger, which is a very excellent German brewery. They were in the middle of stocking the fridge so I couldn’t buy anything, but I know where I’ll be visiting this weekend. Also, they might want to consider changing their name. Gourmet Food Mart is probably the last thing I would call this place. I’m thinking “Awesome Beer Palace”. Seriously, who wouldn’t stop and walk in? Jerks. That’s who.