When it rains…

It pours. Literally. As husband pumps the water from Derecho out of our basement (ugh), I thought I’d take a quick moment to describe our annoying renovation setback.

Today we were due to have an inspector sign off on our electrical permit. Our electrician, who shall remain nameless, had been at our house since 8:30 a.m. finishing up all the small things he never bothered to do the first time around (despite his very hefty fee, but I digress). Husband had also spent every night this week doing things like building electrical plugs and patching the ceiling around the light fixtures — after working all day.

Well, we failed the inspection, dear reader. Apparently, our countertops are “big” so we need another outlet in the kitchen. The screws in the plates that cover our outlets are “wrong.” And because we wired for one of those split A/C units, the lovely DOB won’t sign off til we install it.

We hadn’t planned on installing the split unit just yet because, well, it’s expensive, and we also just paid big bucks for custom windows, wood for the entire third floor, siding for the exterior of the house, and a contractor and crew to spend nearly a month gutting and rebuilding the rest of the house. So, uh, we decided maybe we’d put off the A/C for a minute or two.

That changed today. Several thousands of dollars later, we not only have a brand new split A/C unit being ordered as we speak, but an HVAC guy coming in on Saturday and Sunday to install it! Surely, this means we could get the inspector back out soon, right?

Not so fast. After we set up the rush A/C job, Mr. Electrician informs us that he has to wait a week to re-apply for an inspection, and that will take two more weeks on top of that. Which means the rest of our major renovation (the entire third floor, the exterior, the foyer) is completely on hold in the meantime. (Who wants an inspector traipsing through during construction?! That seems like a recipe for disaster.)

The light at the end of this renovation tunnel suddenly got dim. My sisters, aunt, and cousins are visiting in early August, and I was so pumped to have the house nearly done by then. But now we’ll probably still be sleeping in a bed in the kitchen and stepping over wires.

In the grand scheme of things, I know this is very much a first-world problem. But what an exhausting house day (on top of exhausting work, and everything else going on!). A flooded basement just seems like overkill….