Advice from the real experts

Husband and I have been going back and forth about whether to install a master bathroom or not. We’d have to do it from scratch – all the plumbing, fixtures, tiling, shower, etc. – as it would be located where a closet is now. I am team bathroom, he isn’t.

I think it would be nice to have a master suite, seeing how there will be three bedrooms and a playroom/fourth bedroom on the third floor that will all share one bathroom, albeit a a pretty decent size. Husband sees the dollar signs. Not only is it an investment to convert a closet to a bathroom, our house was built around 1865 – so every time you open a wall, you are potentially entering a world of pain. And we’d have to rip up floors, a load-bearing wall, and potentially even the ceiling on the second floor to put it the plumbing. Husband also says it’s New York, so nobody expects a master bathroom anyway when we resell. (Plus, we have two full bathrooms already, even if one is a whopping flight of stairs away.)

“This Old House,” which I follow on Facebook (obviously), posted today that all the guys are on Twitter. So I thought I’d tweet our conundrum to Kevin O’Connor, the show’s affable host, and Tommy Silva, the master contractor. Kevin wrote us right back several times, and even “favorite’d” one of my responses! Our conversation is above, in screenshots, just for fun. (Feel free to follow us on Twitter too if you’re so inclined… I’m @LKPE, and husband is @Bradklyn.) He basically felt that siding and curb appeal was a better bang for the buck, and a master bathroom could be a waste of money if potential future buyers don’t like our finishes.

Husband and I also discussed the bathroom situation a little more tonight, and I think we’re going to skip it, and instead pour our money into new windows, siding, demolition of the third floor kitchen, all new sheet rock, all new wood floors, and new closets. Sound like a big enough project?