Battle of the blue

Our plan has always been to duplex the top two floors of the house, so we had to add an extra door in front of the staircase to do this. (Otherwise Sylvester the cat will be all over the place.) So naturally this led to the decision to build a wall, paint, replace all the carpet with tile, install chair rail, and molding everywhere. Go big or go home! (OK, also why we’re perpetually exhausted and I say things like, “Remember when we used to have brunch on Sundays?”)

At Lowes, the gray tile and chair rail seemed to complement each other nicely. When we started putting together the room, though, suddenly everything looked SO GRAY.

So one of us – who shall rename nameless – bought this bright blue paint and went to town. The other one of us – who shall also remain nameless – hates it. Party 1 believes it’s bold and bright. Party 2 believes it looks like the inside of Best Buy. So I’m asking you, dear readers, what do you think? Should we tone it down, or should we keep the electric blue? (You’ll have to visualize the white molding that will go along the top of the chair rail.)