The five dreaded words

“There’s water in the basement” is the phrase that gives us a feeling of palpable dread and anxiety. Dealing with it was certainly not something we wanted to dedicate a weekend to. Especially when husband informed me that it would require dismantling part of the kitchen we just finished putting together! (More photos on said kitchen later.)

The weekend drama — thanks largely to an entire week of subzero temperatures — was two-fold. First, a number of pipes froze in our kitchen, which led to taking down a cabinet, tearing down drywall, re-insulating the pipes and the wall, putting drywall back up, and re-installing the cabinet. (And some blow-drying of pipes to melt the ice.)

The bigger problem is ongoing the basement, where the pipes leading to our sump pump are frozen, causing nasty water to pool. (Thought I’d spare you the photos of that.) Husband tried all sorts of ways to get the pipes unfrozen. On Sunday, he re-plumbed the sump pump (!) so it dumps into a giant bucket in our basement to give us a temporary solution until the pipes de-thaw. We can’t do laundry in the meantime, because the washer also drains to the sump pump. It was a really messy job. And I’m sure it’ll be a very expensive job when we eventually have everything dug up so we don’t have to deal with water in the basement anymore.