The saga of the refrigerator

Over Christmas in Chicago, we were lucky enough to get to play with everyone’s new refrigerators. There must have been some renovation fever, or big sale, because everyone we knew had new appliances. (And nobody apparently minded me digging through their freezers.) We planned on going middle of the road for our refrigerator, seeing how our splurge was the Viking range, but then we saw the same Samsung as my aunt and uncle’s on a big sale at a big-box store. It had bright lights, flip-up shelves, a mini middle fridge. So we bought it online at 11 p.m. at night. We got the 33-inch version, which fit into our kitchen renovation, and more importantly, fit up our narrow stairs when turned horizontally. Or so we thought. Photos and major, obsessive demolition after the jump.

Sure enough, said fridge was too big to fit up the nightmare staircase. Husband started demolishing in real time. We’d already ripped off the banister and spindles for the range, but now he took off molding and trim. The delivery guys said it was still too tight, and left the fridge in our foyer. I called back the big box store and convinced them to come back again.

Husband then ripped up more banister. When that didn’t work, he started taking out more trim. And then the drywall, down to the original plaster and laths. I didn’t think we’d fix up that section of the staircase for years, but dammit, we got a deal on this fridge and now we were in it to win it. (Not to mention, there was a tiny dent on the side of the fridge, so the big-box store took an extra $170 off the price.)

The delivery guys came back tonight, and were able to drag the fridge up the stairs and install it. They had to put the doors back on and basically rebuild it. I’ve never owned a refrigerator where I actually needed to read the manual to understand how it works. (It makes a lot of noises and is very digital. It’s beeping a lot.) After completely destroying the staircase, we also discovered a cracked joist, which further proves that if you open a wall in a house built in the 1800s, you’re gonna have a bad time. So after the refrigerator was inside, we went to our fave Lucey’s Lounge for a few stiff drinks.