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Covering the beam

We have a support beam that drops right down into our kitchen island (left pic). We weren’t sure how we were going to cover it. One friend suggested the funky siding-style at the Gramercy Park Hotel, another something in stainless…

Advice from the real experts

Husband and I have been going back and forth about whether to install a master bathroom or not. We’d have to do it from scratch – all the plumbing, fixtures, tiling, shower, etc. – as it would be located where…

Husband wins, sigh

The commenters and people of Facebook have spoken — nobody liked the bright blue color I chose for the entryway foyer. So here’s the more toned down blue that we are using instead.

It’s all about the budget

This week has been an eye opener for the budget. Husband and I were planning on fixing up the facade and hiring a crew to help us finish the third floor this spring so we can finally, finally, finally finish…

Mixed feelings about the backsplash

The white subway tile looks great, but we’re a bit unsure about the super dark grout. We wanted dark grout, but probably should have gone dark gray instead of black. We might chip some out and try to replace it…

How our second floor looks now

  Remember when the second floor was chopped into a lot of little rooms, or had holes in the hole, or was just drywall everywhere? Well, these days it resembles an actual room – and there’s an actual kitchen!

All our tools, all in a row

One day this will be a nice foyer, but today it is where all our stuff hangs out, constantly reminding us every time we walk down the stairs, “Your house is under construction!” Oh, and it’s also very organized.

Battle of the blue

Our plan has always been to duplex the top two floors of the house, so we had to add an extra door in front of the staircase to do this. (Otherwise Sylvester the cat will be all over the place.)…